A little white weasel. They are seen year-round. They are very

February 2009 -  This little fellow is a long-tail weasel.  During
the summer they are scurrying around with dark brown fur
but in the winter they turn snow white except for the tip of
their tail which stays black.
Recent Sightings and Activity
Masey, the mature snapping turtle
lays her eggs by the road.  Every
spot.  She manages to dig on the
hard packed surface and then
leave her eggs to hatch.  The eggs  
hatch after three months.

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The town is humming!   Many hummingbirds visit us in summer. Many residents put out feeders and the
hummingbirds  happily pay a visit.  You normally hear them before you see them.  They are a wonderful
bird to watch.
A great horned owl is resting
on rock looking down for a
possible meal.  This owl's left
eye appears to be injured.
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Every summer, big horn
sheep migrate to Silver
City from Cleghorn (near
Rapid City).  The ewes
give birth to the lambs
early in the spring just the
lambs grow and feed on
grass, we see them
almost daily in Silver City.

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An unexpected visitor strolls down Main Street Silver City... a
Moose.  The young moose stops by the mail boxes and then
walks east onto the creek and the headwaters of Pactola.
The picture shows the moose near the gardens.

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article on moose sighting in Custer State Park
Marmots live among us.  
Visit the
marmot page.
Beaver in the pond - May 2008
2011 - Quite peculiar Robin spotted in town. His head is white! (Leucistic Robin) Courtesy John P. Gomez

Latest Activity on bighorn sheep

Latest Activity on Osprey
Half-picure of lion caught on trail camera. May 9, 2012. East of community hall. Not very good picture (do you know how difficult it is to photograph a lion!)