August 15-17, 2009

Primal Quest 2009  is the toughest endurance race in the world.  This year the race was held in the Black Hills and the

Silver City was an important transition area. Teams had a tough time negotiating Trail 40 from Deerfield Lake.  They also did
an orienteering course by Sunnyside and Pactola.  On the way out some teams left through West Nugget but others went the
tougher way up Slate Creek.

The checkpoint was at the Community Hall. The SCVFD board decided to make a fundraiser out of the event and sold
hamburgers, fruit, pancakes, and brownies to the racers and spectators.  A total of $802 was raised through the food sales.
Primal Quest 2009
Sunnyside and Jenny.
An athlete from team #10 (Orion) decides to multi-task to save time.
Two teams stop for a minute to talk and compare experiences.
Team South Dakota leaves after barely making the obligatory cutoff time.
Flurry of activity before teams head out for the night.
Teams check equipment at the checkpoint.
Two teams making their way down Silver City Road after completing orienteering course.
Teams check equipment at the checkpoint.
Sunday morning fog after a very cold rainy night.