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Membership cost $10 per person.  

Please mail check to:
Silver City Historical Society
9102 Silver City Road
Silver City, SD 57702
Community Church
For information on church
services or if you would like to
use the church for private
ceremonies, please contact Jodi
Sugrue at (605)574-2275 or
Historic School House
For information, please email or
call Mike Wood (605)391-8185
Digital Library - Webmaster
For questions about the website,
please contact John Gomez at
(605)393-7660 or
For general information about the
cemetery, please contact John
Gomez or Pete Anderson
Development Committee
members:  Bob Druckrey, Cathy
Druckrey, Phil Schlief
Purpose of the Historical Society
•        To discover, collect, preserve and study historical places of interest,
structures, records and artifacts relating to the history of Silver City and its
surrounding area
•        To promote the recordings, preservation and study of sites and objects
of historical significance to the area.
•        To maintain historical collections, archives and memorabilia for
education and research.
•        To attempt to attain a finer public spirit by engendering in the
townspeople a greater appreciation and knowledge of the history.
•        To work cooperatively and collaboratively with other public and private
organizations in order to sponsor and promote programs and events of mutual
•        To work closely and in cooperation with the SCVFD and other Silver City
organizations for the common interest of looking after the well-being of the
community and its assets.
Committee looking for members.  
Please contact Mike Wood.