Fuel Reduction Program

2014 - Fuel Reduction Cost Share Program

The SCVFD is coordinating a program to reduce fuels on private land.  In
coordination with the State of South Dakota, and having been given a
firewise designation, approximately $200,000 was made available for fuel
reduction and fire hazard mitigation.  Homeowners can use these funds to
remove trees and other vegetation, trim trees near homes, create and
burn slash piles, chip and remove wood fuels, and any other approved

Q: Who is doing the fuel reduction work?
 Stranded Outdoors will do the treatments on Rochford Road.
insurance). Escalante Tree Service will do the treatments on Silver City,
Hwy 385, and Sunnyside. (
Q: I have received a quote and a packet from the department, now
In the packet there is a Request for Cost Share Assistance Form.
Please fill it out and mail it to the address given.  Once the state receives
this form they will respond with a letter authorizing you to hire the
contractor and indicating how much they will reimburse you. If you do not
return the form, you will be left out of the program.

Q: I have not received a packet.  What should I do?
Every homeowner who signed up for the program was e-mailed a
packet that included a letter, a quote, and a couple of forms.  If you did
not receive a packet please contact the department ASAP.

Q: I have questions of the contractor, may I contact the contractor
Of course, since you will be hiring this contractor to do the work at
your home, it is very important that you feel comfortable with the scope of
work, their capabilities, and their performance.  Feel free to contact the
contractor directly to have all your questions answered.  

Q: How much does the homeowner have to pay?
 Because of the excellent response to this program, the state is
reimbursing 100% of all incurred costs.  However, the homeowner must
pay the contractor directly and then a form is submitted to get 100%

Q: I have paid the contractor.  How do I get reimbursed?
 Please complete a Certificate of Project Completion and W-9.  Mail to
state along with copy of invoice and cancelled check.  You will receive
reimbursement in a couple of weeks.

Q: I haven't applied, can I still apply?
No, the deadline has passed.   You may want to sign-up directly with
the state under their 50/50 cost-share program.

Q: Can I pick my own contractor?
 It is discouraged and would not qualify for the 100% reimbursement.  
By having the two contractors bid the entire project (around 80 homes),
the cost of the project is reduced and the contribution by the State is
increased.  If a homeowner were to pick his own contractor, the basic
cost/share of 50% would be in effect.

Q: I am interested but I can't be there to supervise the work?
 The SCVFD can assist you in marking trees and drawing up a plan.  
The department will have a contractor bid the work on your property and
you would be notified by e-mail.  You will be entering into an agreement
directly with the contractor. The SCVFD will coordinate the work with the
contractor on your behalf.
Q: What about stumps?  Will they be removed?
No.  Stump removal are not part of the program.  However, the department is exploring organizing a contractor to
do stump grinding at a fixed price per stump.  Stay tuned for more information.

Q: What is included in the treatment?
Removing trees, removing branches, trimming vegetation, hauling of woody debris, removal of dead ground
material, piling, chipping, and burning.  Basically anything that removes fuel from the property.

Q: How do I get reimbursed?
 The homeowner will pay for the cost of the treatment.  At that point, the homeowner should complete a form to
get reimbursements for the costs.  This form and others are available on the website.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on the reimbursement amount?
A:  We posed that question to  Brenda Even from SD Wildland Fire. Her response was "We use the W-9 to get
individuals loaded onto our Vendor System.  There is no tax liability, if we are reimbursing the individual for a portion
of what it costs them. There is a tax liability when the individual does the work themselves."

Q: I have already submitted my interest form.  What is the next step?
 A representative from the fire department should have contacted you with any questions regarding the proposed
treatment.  Trees to be removed will be marked by the department with a black and white polka dot flagging tape.
After all trees are marked, a contractor will come and give us a quote for the treatment.

Q: Will fallen trees from the storm be included in the program?

Q: Will pine beetle trees be included in the program?

Q: Will cut&chunk debris be removed?
A: Probably not.  This will be handled on a case by case basis.

Q: When will the work be done?
We expect all the work to be completed by May (weather permitting).

Q: Can I ask the contractor to leave the logs?
A: No.  We want all treated fuels to be removed from the property.

Q: I changed my mind on a few trees.  Can I remove the flagging?
A: No.  The bids are done based on the markings on the ground.  If you need to make changes please contact
someone in the department.

Q: How long after I pay do I get reimbursement from the state?
A: As soon as you make payment please submit a reimbursement form to the state.  They should be able to process
the payment within 30 days. Most homeowners have received a check two weeks after submitting request.

Q: What if there is damage done by the contractor to my property?
A:  Any problems need to be taken directly to the contractor.  They should be able to stand behind their work.  As a
certified state contractor,  they are required to carry liability insurance.

Q: Will the work do damage to my yard?
A:  This sort of work requires the use of heavy equipment including skidders, bucket trucks, fellers, skidsteers, and
other specialized equipment.  Being that the work is done in the winter, the damage to the ground should be
minimized but you should still expect some disruption. We ask for your understanding.

Have questions?  Please contact John P. Gomez (e-mail)  605-574-4429, Phil Schlief (e-mail) 605-574-2247,
Cathy Druckrey 605-484-2468 or submit a question through
contact us
Latest News
August 28, 2014  

To get your timely cost-share
reimbursement please make sure to:

- Make a copy of your cancelled check or
receipt from the logger
-  Print and complete the Certification of
Project Completion form (see below)
- Print and complete the W-9.
- Mail to the Rapid City address shown on
the forms.

Note: Program is closed.  No more new
applications accepted.