concern upon the part of many people for the conservation of
our homes, the conservation of the forests and the beauty only
God can create
..." - Rev. C.J. Seamans, fire station dedication ceremony

Creation of a Department
The department began with the acquisition of a military surplus vehicle
donated by Game, Fish & Parks and the building of a fire station in 1964.  
The generous support of the community made this possible.

In the late 1970's and again in the early 1990's, additional bays were
added on to the fire station to accommodate the acquisition of additional
fire vehicles.  In both cases, the community supported the fire hall with
donations of time and materials.

A major
renovation of the fire station began in 2008 and was completed in
2010.  Through a community fund-raiser, the SCVFD raised $27,000
towards the project.  

The Silver City Volunteer Fire Department is the only fire department in
Pennington County that does not impose a tax levy on its constituents.  It
relies solely on donations from the community.

Fire District
The Silver City Fire District is comprised of 42 square miles covering the
town of Silver City, a small section of Hwy 385, a section of the Rochford
Road, and very rugged forest service terrain.  There are around 150
homes located within the district.

Fire Chief                                        Term
Clarence Huxtable                      1964-1965
Vernon Light                                 1965-1972
Albert Alberts                               1972-1975
Morry Crow                                   1975-1987
Eugene Eilbeck                             1987-1989
Bob Bush                                        1989-1992
Mac McLinn                                  1992-1999
Tally Chapman                              ?
Jim Light                                         ?-2005
Tally Chapman                            2006-2009   
Jeff Sugrue                                   2009-present
Erecting the walls on the firehall addition using styrofoam forms (July 2008)
Cementing the foundation (July 2008)
The volunteer crew after a hard day's work (July 2008)
Completing the forms. It's like legos! Summer 2008
Concrete Pumper - Summer 2008
November 2008 - Progress on the station
Preparing for the pour of the apron - Summer 2010
Blessing of the station - September 12, 2010 Father Brian Lane.
Grand Opening. September 12, 2010
Firefighters. September 2010.
Grand Opening ceremony. September 2010
Inside station looking out. Summer 2010
Bell and sign. Septemebr 2010.
Finished station. Grand Opening. September 2010
Grand Opening. Relaxing a little. September 2010
Shrine of Democracy Chorus. Grand Opening. September 2010
Stirring the Booya. September 2010
Building of Bay #1 on fire station - 1964 - Howard Scott Courtesy Jan Sohl
Building of Bay #1 on fire station - 1964 - Howard Scott Courtesy Jan Sohl
Building of Bay #1 on fire station - 1964 - Howard Scott Courtesy Jan Sohl
1965 RCJ article - fire school
1965 Training Schedule
May 1965 Fire
1965 Truck and Bay #1
Fire Department History