Fall / Winter 2009- 2010 Town happenings
First snow storm of the season
October 4, 2009

Wet and heavy snow fell on the night of October 4th.  The storm took a heavy toll and many trees since they had not
yet lost their leaves.  Electricity was cutoff by downed power lines.  Residents were not quite ready for winter just yet.
January 2, 2010

The pond was iced over except for a few slushy spots.  The day before the game, water was pumped onto the rink to give the
ice a nice and smooth glean.    The game was fun for adults and kids.  Halftime offered hot dogs cooked over an open fire, hot
chocolate, cookies, and other goodies.  
October 2009 - First big storm of the season. Many trees broke limbs because if the heavy snow on leafy branches.
Christmas Party - Santa's Presents
Santa's Grand Entrance
Winter sky
2009 Thanksgiving
2009 Thanksgiving
October snow
Labor day softball game
2010 Cemetery and Road Clean-up
2010 Jenny Gulch Clean-up
Crabapple tree in memory of Raleigh Brennick. Planted by back door of Schoolhouse
Strange behavior exhibited during the labor day softball game.