Rapid Creek rises at Silver City
July 7, 2008

The SCVFD receives a call at 10:33 pm on July 6th informing them of
flooding in Rochford and the north fork of Rapid Creek.  Throughout
the night Firefighters watch the creek at Silver City and report on
rising waters.
Pictures taken July 7, 2008 (6:10 am)

At 5:00 am the gauge at Silver City measured 1,640 cubic feet per second.  This measurement makes it the highest
reading in 43 years!
 Silver City - Realtime flow (USGS Site)

Joyce Williamson, supervisory hydrologist at the US Geological Survey, performed field tests on July 7th and confirmed
that the gauge at Silver City is measuring accurately.  For the USGS this was an invaluable opportunity to learn about
creek behavior in extreme situations.

The increased flows spell good news for Pactola.  The reservoir has crossed the 80% capacity mark in recent days.  
the creek rises five and a half feet in those three hours.  
Only 0.35" inches of rain fell in Silver City within the previous
24 hours.
Rapid Creek
on July 7, 2008