Guidelines for community burn piles

Community burn piles are located on
private property!  The Bickett and Leck
families graciously allow the
community to use their land to locate
the burn piles.

Please don't abuse this privilege.
Yard waste and other woody material may be taken to the burn
piles.  There are two community burn piles within Silver City.   
property and on Bickett's property.  

Burn piles are open to any household who participates in the
garbage service.  Members of the volunteer fire department burn
the piles during the winter months after there is sufficient snow
cover on the ground.  

If you wish to make use of the burn piles please follow these

  •  Piles are meant for wood, yard clippings, and other       
  •  No stumps allowed.
  •  No construction materials allowed.
  •  Wood from buildings/decks is allowed as long as it is free
    of nails and other non-wood materials.
  • Place grass clippings/pine needles on top of the pile and not
    next to the pile.
  • No contaminants of any kind are allowed.
  • Cut long pieces into smaller ones before placing on pile.
  • Please close all gates after leaving.
  • No driving through the gates when ground is wet.
  • Be mindful of lawn.

Remember:  This is private property!
Burn Permits
Burn Permits can be obtained online
Community Burn Piles