Throughout the years, many cabins have been built out of the surrounding woods.  Many have fallen in disrepair, others burned down, and many more
structures are still standing and actively used.  This page chronicles some of the interesting or historical structures in and about Silver City streets.

1. The Church

Built in the early 1920's, it originally served as a Catholic parish.  Today, non-denominational services are held
during the summer on a bi-weekly basis.  A Christmas Eve service is also held.

2.  The Fire Station

First built in 1964 as a single bay building.  The building sits
on the old foundations of the old general store.  The flat
roof for the structure came from the old bridge platform.  
Bay #2 was built ten years later and a sloped roof was put
over both bays.  A third bay was added in the 1990's and
demolished in 2008 for the construction of the
two north-facing bays.

3.  The Post Office
The old post office sits on NE the corner of Dugan and Maine streets.  The building was moved to that location in the mid 1960's.  However, this was not
the original Post Office for Silver City.  The original post office was on the site of the old Silver Mountain Lodge (no longer standing) on the SW corner of
Dugan and Main streets.   The first postmaster for Silver City was appointed in 1887.  

4.  The Gorman Cabin
The cabin was built in 1877 by John Gorman.  It sits in its original location at the entrance of the Diana mine.  In 2002-2003, the Gorman Cabin (as it is now
called) was restored through a Passport in Time (PIT) program sponsored by the US Forest Service.  An adjacent plaque recalls the historical significance of
the cabin.  Another cabin was constructed by John Gorman just south of this site.  When Pactola Reservoir was built, the cabin was demolished to allow
construction of a new road to Silver City.  A barn also stood nearby, but is no longer present.

5. Log School House
This was the second school in Silver City.

6. School House (Community Hall)
The building was constructed in 1920 and used as a school
through May 1957.  It now serves as the Community Hall for
Silver City.  It is used by the SCVFD for monthly potluck meetings.

Picture Gallery:
2009 Picture of church steeple
Fire Station 2007
2010 Fire hall - Grand Opening
Picture of Church
2007 Fire Station - Bay 1,2 and 3
Gorman Cabin
Clark Cabin - Courtesy John Clark
1942 Clark Cabin - Courtesy John Clark
1942 Clark Cabin - Courtesy John Clark
Today's Sears Cabin - by Community Hall - Courtesy SD History
Main Street Saloon - From SD History
Cemetery (date unknown) - From SD History
Gorman cabin before restoration - date unknown - From Sd History
1962 Gorman cabin - Courtesy Rich Larson
2010 Memorial Day - Courtesy John Gomez
Courtesy of Harriet
Courtesy of Harriet
Courtesy of Harriet
Courtesy of Harriet