Pactola Project Area (EIS)

Starting in the summer of 2012, the USFS will start work on logging, thinning, and
treatment of the forest around Silver City for the purposes of controlling the Pine
Beetle epidemic that is affecting our area. (Detailed Map of
Joker Sale)

The Pactola Project DEIS will have a large impact due to its disruption to the
landscape in the coming years as well as the potential effect it could have on
the Pine Beetle infestation and the fire management.

November 17, 2011 - Final Environmental Impact Statement issued.   Project
began in the Spring of 2012.  First contract area will be north of Silver City and
up to the Rochford Road.
Picture Gallery:
August 24, 2010 - Bob Thompson answering questions regarding Pactola Project
August 24, 2010 - Public Meeting regarding Pactola Project


Silver City VFD comments regarding Pactola Project
June 2011 - Silver Peak infestation
September 2011 - Silver Peak infestation
Fire Break area covering 22 acres. 16 of those acres will be "park-like" while remaining 6 acres will be commercially logged.
Western Pennington County Fire Districts
Fire and MPB Buffer

In the winter of 2012 - Logging and thinning were completed on a 22 acre buffer
around Silver City.  This followed an agreement between the USFS and the SCVFD to
create a fire break buffer on Forest Service land along the boundaries of Silver City.   
Custom Timber, a logging company,did the work.  The project called for a 300 foot
buffer to act as a fire break in the event of a catastrophic fire as well as a pine beetle
break in an attempt to prevent pine beetles to fly and infest trees within Silver City.  
Within the 300 foot buffer, not all trees were removed. Some large trees remained
with a minimum spacing of 40 feet between trees.  Additionally, all debris and small
trees were thinned and piled for later burning.  The buffer was seeded with native
grasses to return it to a natural state.

Under the agreement, through 2016, the SCVFD is allowed to cut & chunk any MPB
infested trees within the entire fire district.

This constitutes the first time that the forest service joined forces with a private
community to address the pine beetle problem.  
February 2012 - Landing on nugget gulch, east of town
Loading trucks. About 45 truck loads were taken out from the buffer zone.
February 2012 - Signing of contract with USFS. Jeff Sugrue - Fire Chief, Bob Thompson - Ranger Mystic District, Todd Tobin - President SCVFD
Off-road Travel Management

In the spring of 2012, the Forest Service issued its final Travel Management Plan.   The new maps show the trails and roads that can be
used by ATVs, motorcycles, and vehicles.   Thanks to the hard work and involvement of Silver City residents for two years, the Forest
Service has generally mitigated the impact of motorized travel through and around Silver City.   
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