Community Garbage
Garbage pickup for summer months is
Tuesday morning.  Fall through spring pickup
is every other Tuesday. For further
(605)574-4737. See
Garbage Service & Rates

Only household garbage is to be placed in the
containers - no tires or paint allowed.  Grass
clippings, tree branches, and pine cones are
to be taken to the community burn pile; it is
illegal to dump these materials in the National

Fire Department
The fire department operates the stations at
Silver City and Merritt. Please visit the fire

Our garbage does not accepts recyclables;
individual recycling of newspaper, tin cans,
glass, plastic (1-5), and non-glossy cardboard
is necessary. Please take these to Rapid City.

Aluminum cans may be placed in the
designated barrels; this is a fundraiser for the

Burn Piles
Please read the community guidelines for
disposing of wood and yard waste products in
the town burn piles.

Use of burn piles is
restricted to residents
who have paid their annual garbage fees.

Outdoor Fireplaces
Permits can be acquired through the SD
Wildland Fire Suppression District;
(605)394-2582.  Click for a description of
outdoor fireplace
regulations and a diagram.

School House
The hall is available for private gatherings.  
For more information, click

Community Church
Non-denominational summer services will be
held the 2nd and 4th Sunday's of the month
at 4:00 p.m.  For further information and
scheduling, please contact Jodi Sugrue at
No services scheduled for 2015.

Cemetery located by Jenny Gulch.  Relatives
and friends may visit.  Please contact a the
sexton for USFS access key.
1972 Fire Department Meeting - Courtesy Jan Sohl
Photo Gallery:
1989 Christmas Party hosted by SCVFD Board - Courtesy Jan Sohl
1989 Christmas Party hosted by SCVFD Board - Courtesy Jan Sohl
1965 Meeting
1965 Meeting
Silver City Historical Society
Bob Druckrey         President
Patrick Breen         Vice-President  
John P. Gomez       Treasurer    
Cathy  Druckrey     Secretary     
Mike Robinson       Director
Marie Robinson     Director
Vicki Schlief           Director     

Agenda Annual Meeting June 7, 2014

School House
Mike Wood (chair), Tonya Gomez, Jake Kammerer

Jodi Sugrue (chair), Vicki Schlief, Judy Tobin and
Myrna Brennick

John Gomez (sexton), Pete Anderson, Cathy
Druckrey, Jeff Sugrue, Phil Schlief, Patrick Breen,
Bob Druckrey, Jake Kammerer

Historic Development
Phil Schlief, John Clark and Cathy Druckrey

Mike Wood, Patrick Breen and John Clark

Cathy Druckrey, Vicki Schliefs

2019 Meetings
2/9/19  10am  Conference Call
4/6/19  10am Conference Call
6/15/19  10am
8/17/19 10am
2014 Aerial Picture of Silver City. Notice pine beetle infestation and treatments